Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Inspirational Gift Ideas


I have recently come across some inspiring places/online sites that have some fantastic & unique gift ideas! If you are like me & like looking for interesting gifts, here's a few of ideas that can take the pressure of finding that perfect present.
 Plus, why not have it delivered to you or the recipients house??
It's always fun to have something arrive at your doorstep!

Decorative Bohemian Style Homewares perfect for...
A friend and I decided to pop into Cottesloe and take a stroll down Napolean Street to gaze longingly at all the beautiful shops after breakfast a few weeks ago. After wishing we could purchase nearly everything we saw, we were almost at the end when we stopped at a very colourful, festive looking homewares store Gypsiana. At first glance, it looked like one of those stores that are filled with pieces from India where you would expect that cheap stale incense smell as you walked in. However, the closer we got and the more we looked, we were pleasantly suprised to find beautiful, unique designs that are mainly made here in Perth & are inspirations from one amazing local designer,

There are cushions, lamps, mirrors, artwork, rugs, plateware and many other homewares in between, that are rich & vibrantly coloured, with patterns & designs that seem to take you on a journey all over the world. We were lucky enough to come past on a day that Anna actually was in store & I got to speak to her about her beautiful creations. 
Wall Plaques
 Anna draws inspiration for her designs from travelleing the world taking you with her, from the Meditarnian to Mexcio. A unique piece from here would be perfect as a special wedding/engagement present or a beautiful housewarming gift.

Gorgeous Tablecloth!
I purchased a cute little vase for my cousin's birthday (very top picture - wrapped by Gypsiana, gift tag from My French Laundry) but ended up buying a few presents for myself aswell : ) Couldn't resist! I fell in love with a beautiful cushion & spotted a festive looking table cloth aswell!

My "pop of colour" cushion
There are so many designs to choose from and you can actually have pieces custom made. You pick a design for your choice of homeware and within 7-10 days, you'll have your own piece to suit your house or for the person your buying for. Alternatively, purchase a Gift Voucher for a present, so the person can choose what suits them! They have 2 premises to browse through - Gypsiana in Cottesloe and their main one in Osborne Park. I highly recommend this store for creative homewares & unique pieces that will get people asking "where did you get that from??"

Beautiful, Feminine, Little Luxuries with a French Twist perfect for...

I've posted about this online shopping destination before, but feel the need to post again! It is just superb for gift ideas! My French Laundry has so many beautiful ideas including stunning French gift wrap to candles. The prices are VERY reasonable & there is always some type of special on the Facebook Page so stocking up on a few of the same item is not a bad idea either.The FB page is also a great way to see what's new & to easily communicate with the very gracious, prompt, Glyn (owner). I stocked up on some beautiful Gift Tags ($2.50) which can make a present just that little bit more special. These would look lovely on gifts, wrapped in brown paper, tied with brown string. I will also be purchasing a sample box of Body Powders & French Washing Powders soon so I can pop a sample sachet into birthday/thank-you/get-well cards as a little extra something!! So inexpensive & turns a simple card into something more special!!

Special gift tag's - Blank on the back to write a message
Another little gift idea are the Vintage Purses. I hate taking an actual bag when I'm out & about doing shopping, running errands, heading to the movies, yoga etc, so have found my new purse to be my new best friend. It is the perfect size to fit your phone, cash/cards, lip balm, keys & even my face mist. I have been stopped in a shop in regards to where I have got it from twice! At the price of $25, it is such a lovely little gift for a girlfriend, mum or sister (although I purchased it for $20 due to a Facebook special). Pair this up with a sachet of French Washing Powder inside, wrapped & finished with the little gift tags, you can't go wrong!

100% Natural, 100% Organic, Beauty/Body/Home Products perfect for...

Again, another site I have posted about previously, but I want to post about 
BABY GIFTS now!! I have never really been an online shopper until a few months ago when I discovered Peachy Clean. I have really been enjoying the ease of purcahsing online & having items delievered to your doorstep.

Vanessa Megan Mum & Baby Gift Set
My girlfriend just had a baby boy & because I was unable to see her straight away, I had delivered to her home, a beautiful little baby gift set. Newborns usually receive so many clothes & toys that either don't get used, or they grow out of, where as bodycare products (designed for new mum's & bubz) tend to get missed in the present choosing. My friend is very much into chemical free products (she is a naturopath) & is wanting to start baby massage... enter Vanessa Megan. These Mum & Bub products are just the perfect, practical, yet a different type of baby gift. I chose the Bubba Bath & Massage Oil and Nip Nip Nipple Balm (safe for babies during breastfeeding).There's also Mummy's Tummy Oil & the Baby Bum Bum Balm - I just love the gorgeous creative labelling & the fact that they are toxic-free for bubz : )

Instead of the usual bunch of flowers, perfect for...

Who wouldn't want this gift of scrumptious treats???
From Sweet on Cupcakes
I adore Cupcakes. I think a delivery of freshly baked cupcakes delieverd on your birthday is such a fun idea! When my bestie lived in LA, I had delivered a dozen cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes - the world's 1st Cupcake Bakery in Beverly Hills.

Obviously if you don't live in LA, you can't use Sprinkles, but I have used a yummy cupcake bakery Sweet on Cupcakes, for a girlfriend's Hen's Party before. They were an absolute hit, with everyone asking where I got them from! The best thing is if you live in Perth, is that they do delivery across Perth Metro area so you can order for that someone special.
Otherwise, why not bake & decorate your own!!

Hen's Afternoon-Tea
Cupcakes from Sweet on Cupcakes
All these wonderful places/online sites are based in Perth, so if you are local, delivery time is within a few days. Plus both Hayley from Peachy Clean & Glyn from My French Laundry are so lovely to support. The saleswoman in Gypsiana was very friendly & Anna was extremely helpful when it came to helping my friend with her purcha se request.

Hope this gives you some inspiring gift ideas whether it be for yourself or someone else!
HAPPY GIVING (or receiving!!) xx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wild for Wild Poppy

Hey Guys,

I'd like to share a place that I have really taken a liking to for breakfast & morning catch-ups...
I came here with my husband a few Sunday's ago (packed!) but felt it was more a place that "the girls" would appreciate. So went out for breakfast on Monday morning with a few of the girls from work & met up at the gorgeous, character cafe, Wild Poppy. It is on the corner of Wray Ave & South Terrace in Fremantle and is a great place for a lazy catch-up with friends.

This place has an interesting & different breakfast menu which is a rare find in Perth.
I love going out for breakfast (yes, I give myself a break from the "Glowing Green Smoothie" every now & then), but am always dissapointed that you wind up with the same vegetarian selection and the usual list of museli, cooked breaky & pancakes.
Plus, taste wise, we do a better job at home!!

However, Wild Poppy offers a breakfast selection that even vegetarians have multiple dishes to choose from. From Europe to Asia, there's a mix of worldly influence to the menu such as the Crab Omelet or the the Chilli Masala Eggs (I had these!). Plus you have an eye popping selection of pastries, slices & cakes temptingly arranged on the counter where you order. There's freshly squeezed juices & if you order tea, it comes in quintessentially mismatched tea-pot & tea-cups.
Very vintage, very granny &  very chic.

Chocolate & Custard Pastry
The decor is also something that is worth checking out if you are into the retro, vintage look. At each end of the cafe there are comfy colourful mismatched couches & armchairs that you can sink into, with wonky collections of floral prints hanging above. After breakfast, we headed over to the couched area to finish our drinks. It made you feel like you were at someone's house - these spots will be fantastic in Winter with a pot full of tea, chocolate croissants & a group of friends. I loved the lighting idea aswell - creative make-shift gigantic light shades that were made from crochet lace table-cloths or lace doilies joined together. It really finished the place off from top to bottom. You can also dine outside on the sidewalk weather permitting.

Now for the food...

A little over-priced, but hey, every dining experience in Perth is overpriced!
I am happy to pay that little extra for the "character" of the place & the choice of food.

 Steph's Omelette w/ Chorizo, Feta & Spinach - However, I tried to order this without chorizo, but they don't change anything! The Omelette is HUGE
This was my VERY rich & filling Chilli Masala Eggs on Flatbread. It was spicy enough for me (perhaps not enough for a chilli lover though) & eggs were perfectly done - not too runny, but runny enoguh to break open to allow the yolk to ooze through. The Flatbread was more like puff pastry, but still thoroughly enjoyed a different Vego option

Linda's Crab Omelette w/ Ginger, Chilli & Oyster Sauce - Hearty & Tasty
Karen's Breakfast Bruscetta w/ Avocado, Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato
(plus an added extra of smoked salmon)
A lighter, fresh option.

You can create your own fresh juice!
All in all, Wild Poppy is a great cafe full of character to enjoy breakfast or morning tea. For a drink, pastry & hot selection you are looking around $25-30. There's 2hr Parking off Wray Ave & a couple of boutiques to wander into after eating & gossiping. Very busy on weekend but food came out as promptly as it did on the Monday morning.
Will definitly be going again : )

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Product Review from a Totally Addicted Peach...

Hey Guys,

I want to tell you about how addicted I am to my new online shopping destination
Now this is very strange for me, because for the past 8 years, I have never had to purchase cosmetic products for retail price or haven't even had to purchase them at all. Yes... Lucky me! Working in the beauty & cosmetic industry definitely has it's advantages : ) However, after searching for a new natural & organic body cream, I came across Peachy Clean's delicious 100% orgnanic & natural website & have since become a totally addicted peach!

This was my second time I've purchased from Peachy Clean & because I already have quite an extensive skincare regime, I purchsed a few things I don't actually use & also decided to try a new cleanser... They all sounded good enough to eat!!


So I started with a few Sodashi products from the balancing range for combo/oily skin. Sodashi is a Western Australian Luxury Skincare Company based in Fremantle who are 100% natural & chemical free. They use ethically-sourced essential oils & active plant ingrediants to regenerate & balance the skin, while creating a sense of wellbeing for body & mind. The packaging is absolute luxury while being recyclable and printed with natural vegetable dyes. Products are NEVER tested on animals either!

The Sodashi Clay Cleanser with Lime has a luxuriously creamy texture which I love, but not very common for oily/combo cleansing products . It thoroughly removes my make-up (even mascara) & leaves the skin feeling soft & hydrated. It's hard to find cleansers that don't strip the skin & unbalance the pH level, but this cleanser is one of the best I've ever used. The lime plant essence was very up-lifting also and I'm finding I can't wait to start my end of day skincare regime as soon as I get home from a long day at work!

Guess what this is...??

I haven't used a face oil in in quite some time, so decided to try the Sodashi
 Balancing Serum. I've added it just before my moisturizer at night and although it is an oil, it melts into my skin & doesn't leave any greasy film. It contains Rose-hip Oil & Vitamin C to work on scarring & cellular regeneration and Ylang Ylang to help balance oil production. Just what I need!!

Next I decided to try a face mist... I always thought they were "fluff" product so never bothered with one... but now I'm addicted & am totally going to rave about it : )
I chose the Pomegranate & Passionflower Face Mist made by SAVI, another WA company in beautiful Margaret River. They make products that are Australian Certified Organic for beauty as well as wellbeing - which is what I love about the face mist. I haven't added it to my daily/nightly regime, but love to mist it on throughout the day. I use before & after yoga and have popped it on every morning before I take my dog for a walk. If you are outdoors in the early morning, it is perfect to spritz on to awaken yourself and hydrate the skin before it hits the cool morning air. I was kindly sent another
 Balancing Face Mist by Sodashi & love this one too : )

I'm really enjoying trying the effectivness of natural, organic beauty products for a change & I am loving the whole experience. Even just by slathering on something like SAVI's Wellbeing Body Cream, changes your whole balance.
I love this one for the end of the day!

The skin is the largest organ of the body & it reflects what is going on inside aswell, whether it is emotional, hormonal, stress, food, chemicals, preservitives..... Organic & natural skincare is becoming a lot more effective & results driven but encompasses a holistic approach for body & wellbeing which I believe, will reflect in your skin & vitality.

Feel-good postcard included in my little delivery! 
Please visit for a great online shopping experience.
 Beauty-full things for the skin & better choices for our health & planet.  xx

Answer to question: Ylang Ylang!! 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I Want Oscar's Law

Hey Guys,

I am very excited as I have over 50 "Likes" on Facebook & am feeling the support from everyone! So now I want to write about something close to home for me & share the story of one gutsy, compassionate, inspirational woman & 2 lost souls who give me the inspiration to speak up for those who simply can't... 

I want to abolish puppy factories.
I want pet-shops & online suppliers to stop selling animals.
I want consumers to stop the demand for "designer" pooches.
I want people to realise dogs are not just a cute thing in the window.
 I want people to realise that over 200 000 healthy dogs (and cats) are killed each year and that 1000's more are waiting for a forever home in pounds, rescue shelters & foster homes.

This is Oscar...

This was when he was rescued from a Victorian puppy farm found cowering in the back of a small dark cage.

 "Oscar suffered terribly and had infected ears, dental disease and inflamed infected gums, his fur was so matted it felt like concrete and his skin was barely visible. Once his matted fur was shaved under general anesthetic due to the pain he was in, his skin was covered in abscesses caused by grass seeds"
from Oscar's Law Facebook Page

This was a apparently a dog fit for breeding...

This is Debra Tranter (my inspiration)... 

This is the woman who rescued Oscar. This was the woman who was arrested in the middle of the night by police who forced her to give Oscar back to the puppy farm owner who was still allowed to operate. This is the woman who has devoted the last 20 years rescuing dogs and raising awareness about the horiffic conditions that most of the dogs you see in pet stores, online & newspaper ads, endure.

 Oscar is not a one off... This is happening every single day & will do so until consumers turn their backs on purchasing from the above sources and create a demand for change!

This is Gidget a miniature poodle - one of 42 dogs found in squalor in a Sydney's north-west recently.

Please check out Gidget's Story
A familiar acceptable environment for breeding dogs in Australia
This is Jenna...

Beach Lovin' Pup
She is the love of mine & my husbands life. She was 18 months old & on death row at the pound before K9 Dog Rescue Group saved her. She was 10kg underweight by the time we rescued her but so ready & willing to be part of a family pack.
We have never looked back & she inspired me to see rescue dogs differently...

The face I wake up to every morning
 A lot of people think rescue dogs will be a handful and it "just wont be the same" because they haven't been with you from a puppy. They also get a bad wrap about their social/agression habits, but many dogs surrended are trained & healthy, but given away under unforseen circumstances, or the owners decide they don't have enough time to commit to a dog anymore. Mis-lead people also think that these dogs will have bad health problems. What a lot of people don't realise, is that, it's reported that many dogs purchased at supposedly reputable places, have a myriad of health & social problems  due to in-breeding, the environments in the factories, the poor health of the mother etc...

As much as you can save a rescue dog, a rescue dog can save you!

Save you from being naive about the Australian pet industry & the lack of government regulation, save you from from supporting the heartless people who allow such shocking conditions & save you from missing out on giving a forever home to a loving & loyal companion.

Jenna getting her Indian on!
Remember, you can search for 1000's of different breeds on Pet Rescue. There are also purebred rescue groups if you are particular & you will always find puppies aswell.

 If we continue to be so selective with our companion friends & we don't ask questions about where they come from, we are only supporting puppy farms & the irresponsible breeders that time & time again, are not doing the right thing.

Please check out the Oscar's Law, Animals Australia the RSPCA for more infomation on Puppy Farms & What We Can Do to help the situation :)

This is Oscar & Debra now...

Guys, I know that this was quite a "heavy" post and pretty emotional, but I hope it has shed some light on the Australian governments acceptance & the public's lack of knowledge on this terrible situation of puppy farming. I understand that there are a handful of responsible breeders that we can source, but this is about asking the hard-hitting questions, making informed decisions & being inspired to spread the word that
"We want Oscar's Law"

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

THE Glowing Green Smoothie by Kimberly Snyder

Hey Guys!

Many of you know about my daily morning breakfast ritual... Well, for those who do know me, I kinda MADE you aware, because I couldn't stop talking about Kimberly Snyder & her life-changing Glowing Green Smoohtie (GGS)!

The GGS has become part of my life & I absolutely LOVE the philosophy behind the Beauty Detox Solution!

Kimberly is a Raw/Vegan Clinical Nutritionist to the stars (Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Drew Barrymore, Hilary Duff, Fergie & Josh Duhamel just to name a few!) She is also a Yoga Guru who has extensively travelled the world over 3 years, starting in Sydney and going from Nepal to Peru & everywhere in between! After observing many different beauty habits in cultures from all over the world & many interesting diets, Kimberly got a thirst for natural health & beauty infomation and decided to study nutrition once she got back to America.

She shares insight into many accepted ways of eating in the Western world & how bad it actually can be for the body, our energy & skin. The Beauty Detox Solution is based on making the body more alkaline, proper food combining & eating as much fresh, raw fruit & veg as you want! It allows for ongoing cleansing which leads to "More Energy" which ultimately leads to "More Beauty". She doesn't believe in the "fad" quick detoxes but thinks cleansing should be happening on an ongoing basis.

 Her signature drink has honestly changed my life - it did everything it said it would! I have more energy, clearer, glowing skin, lost the last 4 kgs I wanted to shed (and kept them off) while feeling cleansed on a daily basis! If I miss my serve of GGS for some unforseeable reason, I just don't feel the same - sluggish, tired & toxic :(

 I have tweaked it a little to my liking, so here is my version of the GGS...


1 1/2 C Filtered Water
Juice of 1 Lemon
1 whole Cos Lettuce
1 Bunch English Spinach
1 Bunch Kale or other dark leafy green
4 Celery Sticks
1 Pear (cored)
1 Apple (cored)
1 Peach (if in season)
2 Bananas
3 Sprigs of Parsley


* This is done in the Vitamix (please see info below)

1. Place water & lemon juice in first, add lettuce, blend 10-20 secs (push down with tamper)
2. Add spinach & kale, blend 10-20 secs (push down with tamper)
3. Add the rest of the ingrediants, blend for 30-40 secs

That is it! This makes 4 servings. I pour them evenly into 4 Tupperware cups. You can freeze a few serves so that you are never without!!

By having a nutrient & mineral rich pre-digested breakfast, it allows our bodies to use energy in other ways (instead of trying to digest a heavy or sugary breakfast) while getting maximum absorption of all the goodies that raw fruits & vegies can provide us!

I try to use as much organic produce possible - if I can't get the organic ingrediants, I make sure I thoroughly wash with a good natural fruit & veg wash.

Unfortunatly, the GGS wont be as nice in a normal blender... I invested in a Vitamix and it was well worth the $$$$. The Vitamix allows you to add unpeeled fruit. It blends to a smooth consistency & you don't even have to blend for a minute. The powerful motor allows maximum flavour with maximum nutrients. Greens are better blended for pre-digestion to allow better absorption of nutrients.

You can make so many delicious smoothies in the Vitamix, even soups, ice-cream & dips! I couldn't live without it!!

Please check out Kim's amazing website

She is truly an inspiration!!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Sunday Brunch - Creamy Baked Eggs w/ Truffle Oil

Hey Guys,

What a beautiful start to Easter Sunday - mine & my best friend's boy, got up early this morning to go fishing & try their luck with the crab nets! I got up later to get everything ready for our Easter Sunday Brunch. Perth has put on the most beautiful weather! It is sunny with a slight coastal breeze... I LOVE April weather!

So while Chris is cleaning the little boat out, I thought I'd share my delicious
Creamy Egg & Truffle Oil recipe....

Left the eggs in for a few minutes too long, so didn't come out as runny as I wanted :(
Creamy Egg's & Truffle Oil


 Fresh Organic/Free-range Eggs (2 per person)
Full Fat Cream
Good Quality Sea Salt
Truffle Infused Olive Oil
Toasted Turkish Bread (drizzle with EVOO & bake w/eggs)
Asparagus Spears (blanched)


1. Pre-heat oven on 200 Deg. Celcius
2. Crack 2 eggs into a ramekin (souffle dish) & sprinkle Salt
4. Pour desired amount of cream on top
5. Drizzle desired amount of truffle oil through cream
6. Place ramekin's into a baking dish (lasagne tray is suitable)
7. Pour boiling water into dish so that it comes 1/2 way up the ramekin edge
8. Place dish in oven and bake 3-4 mins per serve (4 serves = 12 mins)
9. Dip crisp Turkish Bread or Asparagus Spears into creamy egg & ENJOY!

This is such an indulgent but super easy Brunch idea...
Serve along side some warm croissants & fresh seasonal fruit & of course, orange juice & champagne!

The boys caught a couple of crabs & some fish, so they cooked them up too!
I also wanted to say Thank-You to my beautiful friend Hannah for my birthday pressie - she knows me too well (beige, white & blue - you can't go wrong!) xx

About to enjoy a selection of cheeses w/ Hubby now in the glorious sun.